Tuesday , August 22 2017
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BSP releases booklet to please Muslim voters in UP

Hyderabad: In a wake of demonetization crises, BSP released a booklet in an attempt to please Muslim voters in UP. This booklet contain 8 pages. Its title is “Who is the benefactor of the Muslim – You decide”.

It may be mentioned that BSP has already declared that it would give Assembly tickets to 128 Muslim candidates. This pamphlet is printed in Urdu and Hindi with a photograph of Ms. Mayawati on its title page. In the said booklet, Ms. Mayawati has made an attempt to clarify 13 different questions regarding its relations with BJP in the past. This booklet is being distributed in Muslim concentration areas. BSP asserted that it would prefer not to be in power rather than compromising on its democratic principles.

The booklet start with offering clarification for forming Govt. three times in the past in coalition with BJP. BSP claimed that during such period, it did not allow BJP to impose its agenda. It also asserted that it did not allow any movement in Ayodhya, Mathura and Kashi. The booklet reveals that it had taught a lesson to BJP in 1999 when BJP Govt. fell with one vote of BSP. Ms. Mayawati further claimed that she did not compromise with BJP in 2003 and preferred to tender resignation from the post of CM.

–Siasat News