, 9:36 PM IST

New Delhi: Concerned over arrest of Muslim youths on suspicion of having links with ISIS, Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid Syed Ahmed Bukhari has urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to ensure transparency while detaining terror suspects.

In a meeting with Modi on Monday, Bukhari also suggested that lectures should be held in educational institutes to tell students how Islam or any other religion has no place for terrorism so that they cannot be brainwashed in the name of faith.

I demanded that while detaining people for terrorist activities or suspected links with ISIS, security agencies must be more transparent. The innocent youths from Muslim community must not be targeted merely based on suspicion.

We are not saying that those who are indulging in terror activities should be spared but I think there is no point detaining people on the basis of suspicious social media activities, Bukhari said while giving details of his meeting with Modi.

He said if the youths are suspected to be involved in any such activity, they should be counselled first rather than put behind the bars. The youths need to be told right from the very beginning that be it Islam or Hinduism, no religion supports terrorism and they should not be brainwashed by anybody in name of religion, he said.

Bukhari said he suggested to the Prime Minister that lectures should be organised quarterly or half-yearly in educational institutions in this regard. In the 30-minute meeting, the Shahi Imam also requested Modi to ensure that both Jamia Milia Islamia and Aligarh Muslim univerities continue to enjoy minority status.

I told the PM that the government’s stand in the Supreme Court on the minority character of these institutions has created grave concern among the Muslims and urged him to review the same. He has assured that he will look into the matter. I will also be leading a delegation to meet the PM on the issue after the budget session of Parliament, he said.