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California Court: Britney Spears was a drug abuser

California Court: Britney Spears was a drug abuser

Washington : California Court of Appeals said that Britney Spears not only had mental issues that landed her in a psych ward but also was a drug abuser.

A new legal documents filed by the 34-year-old pop-star’s own team include a 2015 decision by the appeals court which lays out her struggles back in 2007 – 2008 in graphic detail, reports TMZ.com.

The trigger for the new documents is an impending deposition in a case that squares the ‘Womanizer’ singer against her former friend and manager Sam Lutfi.

Lutfi’s team is about to take Spear’s deposition, and her people filed a motion to keep him out of the room.

The Court of Appeals chronicled the drama between the two and judges say when they met in 2007 her life was in turmoil. She was involved in a divorce, a custody battle and estranged from her parents.

“In addition, she was struggling with drug abuse,” added the judge. (ANI)