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Call for men in China, donate sperm for country’s sake

Call for men in China, donate sperm for country’s sake
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London: Here’s a call from the Chinese government to men in China in the age group of 20 to 45 years “for the sake of your country, please donate sperm”.

China has called for more young men to become donors to help fill sperm banks amid a shortage of volunteers in lieu of cash or iPhone, reports Daily Mail.

China’s sperm banks are facing severe shortages for a variety of political and cultural reasons.

Now that the government policy allows more Chinese couple, including older ones, to have a second child, officials are concerned that the sperm shortages will get much worse. Hence, they are doing everything they can to find new recruits.

Reportedly, the men are being targeted via social media with messages from computer-game characters and offers of cash up to 1,000 dollars in some cases and even a coveted rose-gold iPhone.

A study also revealed that nearly 50 percent of the people, who do offer to donate, are ‘screened out’.

According to the newspaper, China has an ageing populating and diminishing workforce and state-run media have been urging people to ‘show your compassion’ by donating. (ANI)