Wednesday , August 23 2017
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Why so-called Muslim leadership obstructs Muslim reservations?

Although awareness has been created among general Muslims regarding 12 pc Muslim reservations, the so-called Muslim leadership is not sincere in the matter. These leaders leave no chance to boast to be the representatives of Muslims but when it comes to putting forward their demands to the government, they become diplomatic and prefer their personal gains. They strike bargain against Muslim interest.

The issue of Muslim reservations has also unveiled the real faces of Muslim representatives of TRS besides Muslim regional party. Be it the newly formed Telangana state or united Andhra Pradesh whenever the government wanted to take any decision in favour of Muslims, the so-called Muslim leadership becomes the hurdle. They forced the government to take decisions for Muslim welfare just as eyewash. Obviously if Muslims progress in educational and economic fields their political awareness will also evolve which can break the vote bank of local leadership.

Keeping this risk in view Muslim leadership and their supporters always tried to keep the Muslims economically and educationally backward.

Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao had announced to provide 12 pc reservations to Muslims but he failed to fulfil his promise. Siasat Daily launched 12% Muslim reservation movement to mount pressure on government. Muslims associated themselves with the movement. At a time when Muslims have woken up for reservations, Muslim public representatives should have played an important role in mounting pressure on the government. On the contrary the representatives who eye on their chair and posts kept silent during Minority Welfare Committee meeting in the assembly. More surprisingly TRS Muslim representatives were seen dancing to the tune of floor leader of regional party.

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