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Campaign to collect rental arrears of wakf properties starts today

Haj House

Hyderabad: Mr. Mohammed Saleem, Chairman of Telangana State Wakf Board informed that a special team led by CEO of Wakf Board, Mr. M.A. Mannan Farooqui will visit the tenants of Makkah Madina Alauddin wakf and Nabi Khana Maulvi Akbar, Pathergatti today and persuade the tenants to pay the enhanced rates of rents with arrears. They will also seek the help of police. He further informed that most of the tenants have been paying monthly rents of Rs. 300-500 whereas the market value of these rents is in thousands of rupees. He also told that by non-payment of rents, people are causing damage to the income of Wakf Board which is a hindrance in extending its welfare activities. He said that the tenants should cooperate with Wakf Board so that its income could be spent on the welfare activities of the Muslims as desired by the donors in their wakf deeds.

Meanwhile, chairman of Wakf Board commissioned the tenants of Nabi Khana Maulvi Akbar to Haj House and negotiated with them. Mr. Saleem offered that if the tenants clear the arrears and continue to pay rents regularly, a concession could be given in the fixation of monthly rents. Had this been a private property, the tenants would have paid monthly rents regularly according to the market rates. He also informed that police help has been sought for the campaign of collection of rents.

According to Mr. Mohammed Saleem, the House Committee of TS Assembly had also recommended for the enhancement of rents of wakf properties. The committee had visited the shops of Nabi Khana Maulvi Akbar, Pathergatti earlier.

CEO of Wakf Board, Mr. Mohammed Abdul Mannan Farooqui told that special teams of Wakf Board would also be sent to various districts of Telangana State for the collection of arrears of rents. He further informed that due to various legal complications, Wakf Board is not getting income from many important wakf institutions.

–Siasat News