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Campaign ‘Mere Ghar Aa Ke Toh Dekho’ kick starts today

Campaign ‘Mere Ghar Aa Ke Toh Dekho’ kick starts today

NEW DELHI: After a successful #NotInMyName peaceful protest against rising communal hatred across the country, another campaign ‘Mere Ghar Aa Ke Toh Dekho’ (“Visit My Home, Be My Guest”) was launched.

The campaign ‘Mere Ghar Aa Ke Toh Dekho’ is an initiative to bridge the ever increasing communal divide.

Launched by the prominent Delhi-based social and civil rights activists that include Shabnam Hashmi, Abha Bhaiya, Ovais Sultan and Leena Dabniru, the three-day-campaign will begin from July 20 and will get concluded on 22, 2017.

Posted by Mere Ghar Aa Ke to Dekho India on Saturday, July 15, 2017

Shabnam Hashmi in a statement said: “Visit My Home, Be My Guest is a simple campaign directed to change the preconceived notions and opinions that we hold about people of other community, class, caste, religion, sexual orientation, language, region etc. It is easy to spread hatred in the absence of direct contact with each other. The objective is simple and direct, people must go to each other’s house eat and drink tea, just even water and break the socially constructed barriers.”

She further stated: “We are well aware that this campaign cannot transform the society into a just and equal society. This is only an experiment, a small beginning and a hope that especially the new generation will rise above the hatred and join hands for peace and love.”

People from all walks of life, including doctors, taxi drivers, school teachers and unemployed have been called upon to be a part of the campaign. They are welcome to join campaign aptly named “Visit My Home, Be My Guest – Weaving Lives Together”.

The main objectives of the campaign include:

1. Meet at least one family who is not from your religion/ class/ caste/ economic background/ sexual orientation/ region/ linguistic background. Go to their home and invite them to your house.

2. Try to understand their life and culture.

3. Take a selfie together and tweet using hashtag #SelfieWithGuest

4. Upload on the following Facebook page

5. If a Facebook page has been created in your city/ town/ locality upload on that Facebook page. Facebook page’s name should be MereGharAaKeToDekho after that you can add your city/ town/ community etc.

6. Please send photographs and videos of your interaction to any one of the following WhatsApp numbers: 9911016957 / 9811137421 / 8373940162 / 9979704474 / 9555999150 / 7503227553 / 8826768793 / 9818809018

For more information contact Coordinators : Shabnam Hashmi – 9811807558, Abha Bhaiya – 8629863963, Leena – 9811137421, Ovais: 9911016957/ 011 41670722