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If I could’ve stopped Namaz on road, I would’ve stop Janmashtami celebrations: Yogi

If I could’ve stopped Namaz on road, I would’ve stop Janmashtami celebrations: Yogi

LUCKNOW: “Agar mai sadak par Eid ke din namaz padhne pe rok nahi laga sakta to mujhe koi adhikar nahi ki mai thano mein janmashtami ke parv ko rokun… koi adhikar nahi (If I cannot put ban on people offering namaz on the roads then I have no right to stop Janmashtami celebrations at police stations),” said Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Wednesday.

According to a report in The Indian Express, Adityanath made these remarks while speaking at an event in Lucknow. RSS Sah-Sarkaryavah Dattatreya Hosabale too was present.

Referring to the recently concluded Kanwar Yatra (the annual pilgrimage of Shiv devotees),
Adityanath said that when officers red-flagged the use of microphones, DJs and cheap Hindi songs during the yatra, he asked the administration to ensure that microphones are banned and no sound comes out from any place of worship.

“I asked the administration to issue an order banning the use of microphones at every place. I also asked them to ensure that no sound comes out from the premises of any religious place. I told them that if you can’t do this then we will also not stop this…yatra will continue,” the UP CM said.

He further asked if this was a kanwar yatra or a funeral procession.

“Maine kaha ki ye kanwar yatra hai ya shav yatra?… Arrey woh kanwar yatra mein baaje nahin bajenge, damru nahin bajega, dhol nahin bajega, chimte nahin bajenge, log nachenge-gayenge nahin, mike nahi bajega to woh yatra kanwar yatra kaise hogi.”

He went on to add that everyone has the freedom to celebrate festivals in the country. “Hum sabke liye kahenge… Aap Christmas bhi manaiye… kaun rok raha hai… Bharat ke andar kabhi nahi roka gaya… Aap namaz bhi padhiye, araam se padhiye… kanoon ke daayre me reh kar ke padhiye, koi rokega nahin (You celebrate Christmas, who has stopped you. You want to read namaz, read it. However ensure that it is in the limits of the law).