Wednesday , August 23 2017
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Catholic prison guard reverts to Islam and fled with Syrian rapist

Zurich: Swiss police launched a search operation for a Syrian rapist who escaped cell along with a female prison guard who ‘fell in love with him.’

It has been reported in that the Syrian man broke out of jail with the assistance of a female guard and are on the run after fleeing jail together in Zurich and may already have left the country.

27-year-old Hassan Kiko had been sentenced to four years in jail for raping a 15-year-old schoolgirl and the female guard he fled with is 32 is called Angela Magdici.

Her name and nationality were not released by the Swiss police but after her picture circulated with local media, it bring to light that it is Angela, who has been employed as a jail guard since 2013.

Her husband Vasili Magdici, 25-year-old he was originally from Romania, an Orthodox Christian and Angela was Catholic, and was surprised that she had make up her mind to become a Muslim. One week before the pair split, he noticed that she had started reading the Holy Quran.

He said: “I only know the Bible; I had no idea why she suddenly had interest in the Koran.”

In an interview, he said that she was fascinated with Syria. 3 months ago she watched a documentary film about Syria on TV and feared that the couple will go there.

He and Angela had been on their separate ways 3 months ago after he realised she was involved with another man.

He said: “I loved her, and I wanted to have children with her.”But then three months ago she told me she wanted to split.

As per authorities, Angela was on duty on Monday evening with a colleague and when he was having his rest break, she used her electronic keys to free Hassan.