Catholic reoccupation of Muslim Spain – Anniversary gets violent

, 8:08 AM IST

Madrid: On 2nd January some people in Madrid made an attempt to celebrate the anniversary of Catholic reoccupation of Muslim Spain which resulted in violent protests.

It may be noted that in 1492 Muslims were defeated and Catholics reoccupied Muslim Spain. Earlier, Muslims ruled Spain and Granada for 700 years. In 1492, Catholic Emperor Ferdinand occupied Granada. After this conquest, the process of reoccupation of Muslim Spain was completed. In 1492, the King issued Al-Hamra order in which the Jews were forced to leave Spain or convert to Christianity if they want to live in the country. 10 years after the conquest of Granada, Catholic rulers applied this Royal Decree to the Muslims. Those Muslims who remained in Spain were also forced to leave Spain or convert to Christianity.

It may be noted that every year, the anniversary of Catholic Reoccupation of Muslim Spain is celebrated, processions are taken out. On Saturday, 2nd January, when these celebration were being held, a clash took place between right wing and left wing protestors.

According to the media reports, the right wing extremists exploited this function. To protest against Islamization of Spain and Europe.

–Siasat News