Why celebrations when you failed on fronts, Congress asks Modi

Why celebrations when you failed on fronts, Congress asks Modi

Hyderabad: Stating that the democracy has been falling in troubles due to Prime Minister Narendra Modi policies, opposition leader in Lok Sabha Mallikarjuna Kharge has said that he didn’t understand as to why Modi was conducting celebrations in a big way on the occasion of completion of two years in the office.

Speaking to the media at Gandhi Bhavan here on Saturday, Mallikarjuna Kharge asked Modi as to why his government was conducting celebrations in such a big manner though it failed in all aspects. “People are not in a position to understand as to why the Modi government is conducting celebrations across the nation. The people are asking as to what he achieved in the last two years”, he said. He asked Modi to tell as to what he has given to farmers, youth and women in the last two years.

Describing Narendra Modi as a ‘NRI Prime Minister’ and ‘Tourist Prime Minister’, Kharge wondered saying as to why the Prime Minister visiting all the nations though there were Foreign Minister, Foreign Secretary and Ambassadors. “The Prime Minister has more love to visit foreign countries than showing love towards people”, he said and alleged that Modi failed to develop foreign relations.

Alleging that Modi camouflaged the youth before the elections by saying that he will bring back black money from the foreign countries, Kharge said that Modi won the elections by giving fake assurances. “Modi failed to bring back the black money and distribute Rs.15 lakh each”, he criticized. He alleged that the Prime Minister failed to provide employment to youth as against his assurance that of providing 10 crore people. “Modi provided mere 1.5 lakh jobs to the youth. How can he fulfill his employment assurance”, he asked. Finding fault with the Modi’s statement that the Congress party destroyed the nation, Kharge said that the people were having adequate food because of Congress party rule. The Congress party brought a right of having food for all in the form of Food Security Scheme.

Alleging that inflation increasing day by day, the senior Congress leader said that the prices of essential goods were skyrocketing. He said that the Modi government failed to provide 50 percent more Minimum Support Price (MSP) on cost of cultivation but it was increased mere Rs.120 and Rs.100.

The Modi government failed to take up drought relief works though the states like Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Vidharbha, Karnataka were facing severe drought, he alleged and said that the Modi government was escaping from its responsibility throwing its responsibility on states. He contended that the Modi government did nothing than changing the names to the Congress schemes and said that Modi government, which speaks time and again about the farmers and Irrigation, allotted mere Rs.2000 crore budget to the farmers and Irrigation.

Stating that the people would learn about Modi in near future perfectly, Kharge claimed that Modi government ridiculed NREGA scheme. The Modi government took U-turn on Land Acquisition Act when the Congress party opposed it strongly. The Modi government failed to benefit the people and consumers though the Crud Oil prices were come down drastically. “To whom ‘Acche Din’ have come”, he questioned.

Describing the Skill Development scheme as a farce, Kharge said that the Modi government did only a Ministry for Skill Development and did nothing than it. “The NRIs, who are clapping in the Modi meetings in foreign countries, are being prepared by the past Congress governments not by Modi’s government”, he countered.

Responding to a question, Kharge said that the RSS philosophy was to win the election through money, confusion the people. He said that though the Congress party lost elections in Assam and Kerala it did good in overall performance. (NSS)