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Central Government proposes Supreme court: Cows to get identity card

Central Government proposes Supreme court: Cows to get identity card
Picture Courtesy: HT

New Delhi: The Center has proposed the Supreme court that all livestock should be provided with unique identity numbers in order to save them from illegal transportation to Bangladesh.

According to a news report by HT, the identity tags shall be provided to each animal, which will be made tamper proof. A government-appointed panel headed by a joint secretary of the Union home ministry came up with this idea.

The panel’s report was submitted to the top court on Monday, and Kumar told the bench headed by Chief Justice JS Khehar that the government supports the suggestions. “The government will issue a formal notification soon,” Kumar added.

The tag will be made of polyurethane and will contain a unique identification number. It will also contain details such as the age, breed, sex, lactation, height, colour, horn type, tail switch and special marks of cattle heads and its “progeny”.

The protection of cows came into the picture after the smuggling of the cows started to happen by illegal slaughter houses. The BJP-led government has focussed more on cow protection from the time it has gone into power.

An officer may be appointed in every state in order to ensure the safety of abandoned animals, and those who’ll be found guilty of animal cruelty will be fined.

The panel also recommended that transportation of animals should be according to the legal procedure, and should be done if the animals are healthy enough to be transported.