CEO Wakf Board’s tenure last day today

CEO Wakf Board’s tenure last day today

Hyderabad: There is curiosity about who would be the next CEO of Wakf Board since the last date of tenure of office of the present CEO, Mr. Mohammed Asadullah is today. It is learnt from reliable sources that Govt. is considering to extend his tenure of office. A group of officers is supporting the extension of the tenure of office of Mr. Asadullah since he has taken intuitive to protect Wakf properties without accepting any political pressure. He submitted files against some Mutawallis and employees of Wakf Board to secretary, Dept. of Minorities Welfare for taking necessary action but it is pending with him for the past so many months without taking any action.


It is reported that Secretary of Minorities Welfare Dept. favoured certain corrupt officials and reinstated them in Wakf Board paying high salaries. Despite their guilt was proved, he saved them. Recently, he reappointed a suspended official for one year setting aside the opinion expressed by CEO of Wakf Board. In the same manner, many persons in Wakf Board are being patronized. They don’t want honest people to function in Wakf Board.


It is learnt from reliable sources that secretary of Dept of Minorities Welfare suggested to the Govt. that the services of Mr. Mohammed Asadullah should be repatriated to Dept. of Revenue since he himself has desired for it. However, intervention of Mr. Mohammed Mahmood Ali, Dept. CM may support the extension of Mr. Asadullah.


–Siasat News