Thursday , August 17 2017
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Chada urges Prez to return T Land takeover Bill

The CPI Telangana Council has urged the President Pranab Mukherjee to return the Telangana Land Acquisition bill for reconsideration.

The CPI state secretary addressed a letter to the President in this regard here on Saturday. He said in the letter that the “Land Acquisition and Rehabilitation Act” which was passed by Parliament in 2013 in favor of Kisans. The present NDA Government also tried to amend it but failed due to lack of majority in Rajya Sabha. On the direction of Union Government, some States are bringing amendments to it.


Telangana Government kept the above Act aside and acquired thousands of acres of land through G.O. 123, by pressure tactics and even frightening the peasants. The Hyderabad High Court declared that Land acquisition through GO 123 is not valid and directed to acquire lands through Central Act. GO 124 of Telangana Government as an amendment to GO 123 also struck down by the High court, as it goes against rehabilitation of Agriculture Labor other poor who lose livelihood due the acquisition of Land.

2013 Central Act, through Section 107 allows the states to amend the Act in States, if they want to give better compensation to peasants. The Telangana Government took advantage of the 107 section and amended the Central Act which does not give any better relief but allows the District Collectors to acquire land and in an emergency section can also acquire land without going into necessary formalities, eroding the rights of peasants and other dependents.

Chada said that land is needed for irrigation projects, Industries and other necessities of the public. But the rights of Kisans, land owners, who feed the nation, should be defended, according to 2013 Central Act. The State Government brought the amendment, in a hurry, which goes against the interests of the peasants. He urged the President, hence not to accept the amended bill of Telangana and send it back for reconsideration of the said bill. He said that CPI was confident that the President will consider their request, in the interest of the Kisans and nation. (NSS)