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Chandrashekhar Rao requests PM to approve quota bill

Chandrashekhar Rao requests PM to approve quota bill
Picture Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle

New Delhi: Telangana Cheif Minister met Prime Minister on Monday in order to discuss the legislation passed by the state legislature for enhancing reservations in the state.

According to a news report by Oneindia, the meeting was held for an hour and twenty minutes. The CM informed Modi about social composition of the state and briefed him up with legislation in Schedule IX of the Constitution to give it immunity from 50 percent overall upper limit on reservations.

Rao also referred Tamil Nadu, which has a reservation of 69 percent, as an example, where he urged the Prime Minister to implement such proposals in their state as well.

While giving him more insight into the state, Rao informed the PM about the majority of SC, ST and minority community in their state and why is it necessary to increase the reservation. He put forward the proposal of leaving the decision of reservation on the states itself.

He also urged the PM to relax the taxes from agriculture, sheep rearing, fishing, weaving, and hair cutting industries. Also, he assured the PM that there will be no negative impact of this relaxation on the GST.

Moreover, he asked the PM increasing the seats of Telangana Legislative Assembly as per Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, speeding up bifurcation of the high court, the release of Rs 1,400 crore towards Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management and Planning Authority (CAMPA) Fund and declaring Kaleswaram irrigation project as a national project.