Wednesday , August 23 2017
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Change in Muslim Personal Law opposed

Hyderabad: Govt. of India seems to be very anxious to implement Uniform Civil Code whereas Constitutions of India guarantees Freedom of Religion. Muslims do not want any changes in their personal law. These thoughts were expressed by Mr. Mohammed Shaheed, President of All India Muslim Front while delivering Presidential address in public meeting held at Urdu Ghar, Moghalpura yesterday on “Uniform Civil Code and Indian Muslims”. He further told that Muslim Personal Law is a divine law, any word of it cannot be changed. There are clear instructions about marriage, divorce, inheritance, Wakf and maintenance in the Quran. The life of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) guides us to lead our life. Muslims regard their personal law which is derived from Quran more than their life.

Mr. Osman Shaheed demanded Law Commission Chairman and Govt. of India to abandon the efforts of making any changes in Muslim Personal Law through Parliament. Mr. Alaudin Ansari told that the fundamental rights guaranteed tin the constitution give freedom to the Muslims to lead their life according to Quran. Maulana Mohammed Raziuddin quoted Quranic verses and said that Muslims cannot violate Quranic laws. Mr. Gulam Mohammed presented the report of the organization.

Mr. Syed Mahmood Ali, President of Peace Army told that Muslims are leading a very miserable life. It is the duty of well-to-do persons to cooperate with the Muslims. Mr. Mohammed Kazim told that Muslims cannot tolerate any changes in their Personal Law.

–Siasat News