Thursday , July 27 2017
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Chicago Community leaders Bid Farewell to Telangana Deputy Chief Minister Mahmood Ali

Hyderabad: A glittering dinner reception was hosted by FIA’s prominent Trustee Iftekhar Shareef and Aftab Baig to bid a warm farewell to Deputy Chief Minister of Telangana Mohammad Mahmood Ali on his successful whirlwind trip to Chicago and New York at the Monty’s Banquets in Bensenville, IL last Thursday that drew the attendance of well-known community and business leaders eclipsed only by the hilarious slapstick performances presented by the visiting movie artists.

The evening’s farewell reception was ostensibly enhanced by great comic performance presentations by a bevy of rising movie artists from Hyderabad who dominated the evening’s exhilaration with uncontainable laughter as each presentation by Mast Ali aka Saleem Pheku, Aziz Naser”Jahangir” brought the entire house down with the tumultuous humorous performances evoking applause, laughter and cheers. The evening’s performances were recognized and applauded along with the entire ‘The Angrez ‘ movie team including Mr. Srivastava “Ismail Bhai, Model Feroz Khan, actress Dolly Tomar, actress Kavya Sharma and other artists who are currently shooting their new movie sequel “ Hungama in Chicago” produced by Ms. Uroosa Rahim of Chicago and Syed Hussain director from Hyderabad.

Telangana Deputy Chief Minister Mohammed Mahmood Ali extensively thanked the host Iftekhar Shareef and the prominent attendees assembled to bid him a warm farewell and was particularly appreciative of the warm welcome fused with heartfelt hospitality during his visit to Chicago. Deputy Chief Minister Mahmood Ali especially extolled Chicago’s NRI community for their undying passion in being eager to lend partnership in investing and promoting the state of Telangana and pledged his ongoing engagement in strategic dialogue with Indian diaspora that seeks to ameliorate and strengthen the relations with the state of Telangana.

The reception host Iftekhar Shareef in his remarks described the visit of Deputy Chief Minister Mahmood Ali to Chicago and New York in historic terms and principally attributed it to the enthusiasm, zest and energy of the Deputy Chief Minister in meeting the NRI communities in a back-to-back programs in which he addressed a series of public meetings, community receptions and one-on-one meetings with business/ community leaders. Iftekhar Shareef said his visit to Chicago and New York augurs groundswell opportunities for NRIs to forge partnership with the state of Telangana and play a vital role as Telangana Ambassadors in promoting the state. Iftekhar Shareef also thanked the Angrez movie team for their performance in the evening and praised their extraordinary cinematic contribution.

Keerthi Kumar Ravoori, FIA’s Trustee in his remarks characterized Deputy Chief Minister Mahmood Ali as a man of humility, warmth, and sincerity and, more importantly, his accessibility when he first met him in Hyderabad last year. Keerthi Kumar Ravoori said under his able supportive leadership the state of Telangana is poised to embark on a new chapter replete with growth and glowing prosperity.

Later the Trustees of FIA, community leaders including co-Host Aftab Baig, Hanumanth Reddy of American Telugu Assn., Keerthi Ravoori, Ajai Agnihotri, Babu Marsha Patel, Sanhita Agnihotri, Hina Trivedi, Ashfaq Shareef, Harish Kolasani joined together to present a colorful traditional shawl and a floral bouquet. Among the prominent attendees include Dr. Muzzafer Mirza, Syed Iqbal, Mr. Sharafat, Mir Khan, The entire event has been filmed to be added into the upcoming feature film Naubahaar Team and the reception was concluded with a grand hyderabadi traditional 11 course dinner.