Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Chicken Bread Pakora


Boneless Chicken 10

Egg Whites 2

Bread Crumbs 1 packets

Green Chilies (chopped) 4

Bread Slices 6

Corn flour 1 tbsp

Rice flour 2 tbsp

Black Pepper (crushed) 1 tsp

Red Chili Powder 1 tbsp

Oil as required

Salt to taste

To Boil Chicken

Garlic 2 cloves

Black Peppercorn 4

Salt to taste


Boil boneless chicken with garlic cloves, black peppercorn.

Shred the chicken properly. Cut the edges of the bread slices, soak the slice and then take the water out from the bread.

Now mix together, 1 packet bread crumbs, bread slices, 1 tbsp red chili powder, 1 tsp crushed black pepper, 4 chopped green chilies, 2 tbsp rice flour, 1 tbsp corn flour, some salt and 2 egg whites.

Mix  well and keep it aside for some time.

Take some oil in the pan and make small pakora of the mixture. Deep fry till golden brown.

Serve them hot with tomato ketchup.