Children neglected by parents more likely to become criminals

, 2:31 PM IST

Hyderabad: Parents’ neglect towards their children creates young criminals. This was evident in the case of an 11-year-old boy who was apprehended by the police, on the charges of molestation and attempt to rape. The boy had molested five-year-old girl. After initial denial the boy later confessed that obsession with porn motivated him to commit the crime. Unattended by his parents, the boy used to hang out with boys older to him, go to Internet cafes with them to watch porn. His parents were unaware of this. According to the psychologist who persuaded the boy to open up, the habit prompted him to experiment and try out what he had seen online. He molested the girl without knowing the consequences.

Majority of the juvenile home inmates are those who are neglected by parents and have received no guidance. According to the workers at the Juvenile Justice department over 70 per cent of children at correctional homes in Hyderabad come from broken families or were neglected by their parents.

Most of the teens involved in narcotics cases, thefts, bodily offences, rapes and other criminal offences grew up without proper parental care.

A teenager recently caught in a narcotics case witnessed frequent altercations between his alcoholic father and his mother. Three teenagers from Chandrayangutta, who were arrested for sodomising a minor boy, spent most of their time on the streets rather than in their homes.

According to a member of Child Welfare Committee when the children are neglected by their parents at an age when they need the most care, protection and guidance, they tend to seek company in the streets. Experts in the field also have to say that if the parents neglect their responsibility of guiding their children either due to work or any other reason, this puts the child’s future at risk.

A psychologist says, children left unattended at home spend much time in front of television or Internet and then try to imitate what they see.

SHE teams also claimed that many of the boys come from broken homes. Their parents are either too busy or they are involved in a marital dispute.