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Child’s death broke Prince’s former wife completely

Washington : Death of their child broke Prince’s former wife Mayte Garcia, taking away all her hopes to be a mother again.

The 42-year-old TV personality, who is still struggling with the ‘Purple Rain’ singer’s death, gave a heartfelt, teary-eyed speech at an event on May 6, about how her dream of becoming a mother was shaken when her and Prince’s son Boy Gregory died just a week after his birth in 1996, reports People Magazine.

Garcia even opened up about her marriage with the late Grammy-winning singer, their relationship and experiences together.

“Like most women, I always dreamt of becoming a mother. Unfortunately, I got pregnant, lost the baby months later and then lost my marriage,” she said.

Gracia, who joined the cast of VH1’s Hollywood Exes after struggling with her breakup post child’s death, said that the show was a therapy to her, which even gave a little daughter to her.

“Long story short, a woman watching my show was moved enough to reach out to me through Twitter about adopting her baby,” she added.

Gracia added, “I took the offer and adopted the 8-month-old baby as a sign that the universe gave her “a second chance of becoming a mother.”

Co-incidentally, both the mother-daughter share same birthday. (ANI)