Chinese firm stops work on Pakistan’s Tarbela power house following death of engineers

, 3:42 PM IST

Swabi (Pakistan): After the death of three Chinese engineers, Chinese firm Sinohydro has halted the construction of Tarbela Dam in Pakistan for an indefinite period.

Sinohydro is involved in the construction of a new power house as part of the Tarbela Dam’s fourth extension project.

The work was halted after after six persons, including three Chinese and a Pakistani engineer, were killed when scaffolding at an under-construction site came down due to torrential rain on Sunday morning, reports the Dawn.

Officials have confirmed the stoppage of work on the power house for an indefinite period, saying it was not yet clear when the work would resume and that the company management would inform the workers whenever they decide to resume the work.

Meanwhile, the workers said they were told by the company that they were on leave till July 12.(ANI)