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City Police blamed for the violence that broke at Dharna Chowk

City Police blamed for the violence that broke at Dharna Chowk

Hyderabad: City police is being blamed for the violence that broke out at Dharna Chowk Protest between the two opposition groups, forcing Police Personnel to control the situation using lathi charge on the protestors.

Dharna Chowk Parirakshana Samithi has been protesting against police orders. They took permission from the city police to stage the dharna on Monday with a larger protest.

City Police knowingly granted permission to another group, local residents and walkers’ association members party to protest on the same day.

At first both the groups welcomed each other but later the stir between the two groups turned violent forcing Police Personnel to intervene and use lathi charge against the violators.

“For one day, it was decided to ‘permit’ protests. However, it has to be done peacefully and no one will be arrested. If anyone resorts to disturbing the tranquillity, action will be taken against them” said M Mahendar Reddy Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad.

But TJAC Chairman blamed the Police for allowing both the groups protest on the same day saying it was a conspiracy by City Police.

“It was unwise on the part of Hyderabad police to allow both groups to stage the protest at the venue. You want to pit DCPS against locals. By showing the violence, you want to strengthen the case for not giving permissions at Indira Park. We understood your conspiracy and the people have also realised it”, said M Kodandaram, TJAC Chairman.

DCP V Joel told Times of India that no formal permission was granted to any group for the protest.

“All that we said was that for one day, peaceful protesters will not be arrested. No one was given formal permission to protest” said Central Zone DCP V Joel Davis, as reported in Times of India.