Wednesday , August 23 2017
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Clinton is a criminal for destroying emails: Trump

Washington: Terming Hillary Clinton as a “criminal” who destroyed 33,000 emails, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has claimed that media is the greatest weapon wielded by his Democratic rival. “Right now, our government has been taken hostage by global special interests that will stop at nothing to drain every last ounce of wealth from this country for their personal benefit,” Trump told his supporters at an election rally in Cincinnati, Ohio yesterday.

“The greatest weapon wielded by the Clinton Machine is the media. The WikiLeaks emails show that the Clinton Machine and the Corporate Media are one in the same – they collaborate and conspire together,” he said. Claiming that the Washington establishment will stop at nothing to stop him and his supporters, Trump, 70, said these are the people who had given the country decades of endless wars producing only death and bloodshed, but no victory.

“These are the same people who have flung our doors open to Radical Islam, putting us on the same path to France of multigenerational struggles with violence and extremism embedded in our communities. These are the people who’ve allowed violent international cartels to invade our country and prey on our most vulnerable citizens. Victims like Marilyn Pharis, raped by an illegal immigrant with a lengthy criminal record and beaten to death with a hammer,” he said.

“These are the people who’ve let drugs pour into our country and poising our children. These are the people who emptied the jobs out of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and North Carolina and shipped them to other countries,” Trump said. He said that the political powers trying to stop him are the people who’ve stripped the jobs form inner cities, trapped millions of African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans in impoverished, crime-besieged neighborhoods, and left 70 million American women and child in poverty or near the brink of poverty.

“At the center of this assault on American prosperity is the Clinton Machine. They don’t work for you, they don’t work for America, the work only for themselves and their donors – including foreign government and foreign actors,” he alleged. “Hillary Clinton is a criminal who destroyed 33,000 emails after a Congressional Subpoena. She ignored hundreds of requests for security in Benghazi, causing the deaths of four brave Americans – and then she lied to the faces of the grieving parents about the reason for the attack,” he said.

He alleged that Clinton defended a man who violently and viciously raped a 12-year-old girl by horribly smearing and blaming the victim – and then she laughed about getting the rapist off the hook. “Speaking in secret to a foreign bank, Hillary pledged her support for ‘open borders’. That means tens of millions of new foreign workers to compete against you for your jobs, your wages, your futures – she’s selling out the future of young American, of all backgrounds, to enrich her donors,” he said.