Thursday , July 27 2017
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Clinton’s actions are of a major criminal enterprise: Donald

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has alleged that the actions of his Democrat rival Hillary Clinton during her tenure as the US Secretary of State constitutes all of the elements of a criminal enterprise. “Hillary Clinton’s actions constitute all of the elements of a major criminal enterprise,” Trump told his supporters at an election rally in New Hampshire on Thursday.

“She created a private illegal email server in order to hide her corrupt dealings. She did so knowing full well it would put American lives at risk by making classified information highly vulnerable to foreign hacking.”

“But, she didn’t care, as long as it helped her get away with her crime, no risk to America was too great,” he said. Trump claimed that to further cover-up her crime, Clinton deleted 33,000 emails to keep them out of the hands of authorities and the American public and as a further element of the criminal cover-up, she claimed under penalty of perjury that she turned over all of her work related emails.

“We now know this to be one more massive Clinton lie. The FBI found thousands of work-related emails she failed to turn over, including the new discovery this week of 15,000 more work-related emails she failed to disclose,” he said.

“A Secretary of State sold her office to corporations and foreign governments, betraying the public trust, putting innocent lives in danger and then she went to great lengths to hide, delete, destroy and lie about the evidence,” he added.

Trump said that Clinton’s alleged corruption can be expected in a third world country, but not in America. “Just imagine the damage to our security, to our integrity, to our standing in the world, if Hillary Clinton is allowed to sell the Oval Office the same way she sold her office as Secretary of State,” he said.

Responding to Clinton’s allegations that his campaign is racist, Trump called it as insult to the millions of Americans who are supporting him. Hillary Clinton is going to try to accuse this campaign, and the millions of decent Americans who support it of being racists. It’s the oldest play in the Democratic playbook, he said.

“When Democratic policies fail, they are left with only this one tired argument. It’s the last refuge of the discredited politician,” Trump said. He said the people who have been betrayed by Democratic policies, including millions of African-American and Hispanic-American citizens, will reject the politicians who have failed them and vote for change this year.

He also attacked Clinton for her policies, saying it has failed and betrayed communities of color in this country. “But she just doesn’t care, she’s too busy raking in cash from the people rigging the system. Nearly 4 in 10 African-American children live in poverty. 58 per cent of African-American youth are not working. More than 2,700 people have been shot in Chicago this year alone,” he said.

“These are the consequences of Hillary Clinton’s policies. She has brought nothing but pain and heartache to our inner cities. On top of that, she wants to raise taxes on African-American owned businesses to as much as nearly 50 percent. We should be helping these businesses to grow and expand, but Hillary Clinton is trying to shut them down,” he added.

Trump alleged that instead of defending her record, Clinton has launched a negative campaign against him. As I discussed on Thursday, these are the same tactics the establishment powers used to try to scare the British people out of voting for change too. It didn’t work there. It won’t work here, Trump said.

“Hillary Clinton isn’t just attacking me, she’s attacking all the people who support our movement. We can’t let that stand. Voters are used to the old game where failed politicians like Hillary Clinton falsely smear Republicans with charges of racism. Republicans then back down.”

“Democrats then continue to push policies that are devastating to the communities of color,” he said.