Tuesday , August 22 2017
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CM releases CDs/booklets on new districts

Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao released CDs/booklets on guidelines ‘Know Your District; Plan your district’ at the Collectors’ conference here today.


The district Collectors individually explained about their experiences at the ground level in the district for the past two months since the reorganisation of the districts.            Responding, the Chief Minister said the cropping pattern in the State should be redesigned based on soil condition, its characteristics, weather conditions and local situations. Which crop is best suited for the land should be arrived at based on the rate of rainfall, availability of water, type of soil and so on. Soil testing should be done to find out what type of crop is best suited for the land. Horticulture crops should be encouraged in the urban areas and guidelines to be formulated about the type of crops to be raised in the lands under various Irrigation projects in the State. In coordination with the officials in the Agriculture department, crop planning should be done in the districts, the CM said. All the repair works on SRSP canal should be completed by the time Kaleswaram project is ready.


Stating that district level plan is necessary to make the State’s annual budget, the Chief Minister asked the Collectors to send District Plans based on the needs and requirements of the each district. On the people living in tribal areas in the State, the Chief Minister said  majority of the people living in the agency areas are being subjected to frequent illness due to lack of nutritious food. The State Cultural Council should launch a campaign in these areas on the need to take nutritious food and having good healthy habits. He wanted special allowance to be given to doctors working in the remote tribal areas. Special plans should be prepared for the SC/ST dominated districts and RTC buses should ply to these areas. He also wanted the officials to examine setting up of vegetable market at Gudepad in Warangal rural district and a Mirchi Yard at Narasampet.


On developing Warangal city, the Chief Minister wanted it should not be developed in a haphazard way the Hyderabad was developed. “We have put a special focus on Warangal to make it second largest city after Hyderabad. We have already sanctioned Rs 300 crore for its development and these funds should be utilised properly. We have established several educational institutions. Plan a ring road for the city. Construct a health University integrating KMCC and Central jail. Since it is selected under Heritage, Amruth and Smart City categories, spend funds released under these categories for the development of the city. Set up vegetable and non- veg food markets in a scientific way. Set up new storage units. Have separate veg and non-veg markers in all the corporations. We will also put pressure on the Centre to develop Mannanur Airport, the Chief Minister said.


Women and Child Welfare Commissioner Ms Vakati Karuna spoke about the advantages of women having their deliveries at the government hospitals. Responding to this, the Chief Minister said there are adequate facilities in the government hospitals for performing deliveries. Instead of rushing to the private hospitals and spending a lot of money, women, especially from the poorer sections of the society should be encouraged to go to the government hospitals. He wanted elected representatives and officials to educate the women and wanted a campaign to be launched to create awareness on this. He also asked the people to utilise the mortuary vans available at the government hospitalswhenever the need arises.


The Chief Minister wanted more encouragement should be given for the fish breeding in lakes, reservoirs in the State. He also wanted all the dilapidated rooms and buildings of the government schools should be rebuilt and toilet facilities should be created in all the educational institutions. He wanted officials concerned to take action against child labour and child marriage in Gadwal district where the incidence is more. Special focus on health and education should be given to Jayashankar Bhoopalpally district.


The other suggestions given by the Chief Minister include identify sites for the setting up of integrated Collectors complexes, SP offices and multishop complexes in the district head quarters. Identify human resource in the district; train them to educate people on the cashless transaction system, use of credit and debit cards, mobile apps and other digital formats. To establish one BC Residential School in the district, identify the land. While accepting the Sada Bainama lands and registering them free of cost, relax the

strict conditions imposed therein. Based on the transactions done on the plain paper, regularise the agriculture lands and change the ownership names accordingly.


The Chief Minister asked the officials concerned to use PD Act against those supplying fake seed and fertilizer. He also wanted to put a stop to the adulteration of food items. He asked the officials to form squads and be alert on the Khammam district, which is in border with the neighbouring State.


In Mahabubabad district where SCs and STs are more then 50 per cent in population, better medical facilities should be organised on a war footing. He also wanted the officials take steps to put an end unnecessary hysterectomy operations being held in the rural areas. Awareness on this should be created among the rural women, the CM said. (NSS)