CM’s interest in Minority Affairs – files sought

CM’s interest in Minority Affairs – files sought

Hyderabad: CM of Telangana State, KCR instructed the officials to ensure speedy implementation of the promises made to Minorities. The officials were seen to be engaged for the prompt implementation of the decisions taken by the high level meeting held two days back. CMO sought all the files about the promises CM had made earlier so that necessary orders could be passed.


It is reported that 23 promises and decisions have been identified which CM had made earlier. The Dept. of Minorities Welfare will send these file along with its notes to CMO.


Mr. Bhopal Reddy, Secretary to CM for Minorities Affairs convened a meeting of the officials of the Dept. of Minorities Welfare and exchanged his views. Reliable souces indicated that before the end of the current financial year, CM wants to issue orders on most of the promises he had made earlier. CM had also issued instructions to officials for the release of budget of this department. The officials of CMO and Minorities Welfare were seen busy in preparation of relevant files so that orders could be issued on important matters pertaining to Minorities within a week.



–Siasat News