Coins of Bahmani period found in Chitapur

Coins of Bahmani period found in Chitapur

Hyderabad: Recently in Alwar (B) of Chitapur Taluk of Gulbarga District a few silver coins have been found. The experts opined that these coins belonged to Bahmani or Barid Shahi periods.

Tehsildar of Chitapur contacted Dr. Abdul Hakeem Arshad who certified that the language carved on these coins is Persian. The names of Shah Bahadur Shah Bahmani, Ahmed Shah Wali, Mohammed Shah, Shah Alam, Badshah Khan etc. are carved on these coins. He advised the tehsildar to seek the help of Persian knowing people.

It may be noted that after the downfall of Bahmani Kingdom, Barid Shahi kings had made Bidar as their capital.

These coins were found on 18th March in the land belonging to Mr. Mahadev Gama. Earlier, these coins were found by an 11-year-old boy named Garimallapah. All these coins have been handed over to police. A few other persons also got these coins. They have been told to handover the coins to the police since they belong to the State. Rumours are making round that there are many old treasures hidden in and around Alwar village.

–Siasat News