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The communal mindset of educated BJP’s Social Media Advisor in Hyderabad

The communal mindset of educated BJP’s Social Media Advisor in Hyderabad

In a politically charged current national environment, it seems like many of our so called highly educated media pundits are losing their balance of right and wrong when it comes to human relationships in India or we can easily assume, the on-going Brahmanical mindsets of RSS and its student affiliates are raging-up derogatory and racial slurs against their fellow citizens of India who they consider lower in some foam or other.

On March 4, 2016 at 11:28 PM, BJP’s Social Media Advisor in Hyderabad, An RSS member, militant from student’s days and past member of ABVP and well known islamophobic, Suresh Kochattil, posted a demining, racist and insulting cartoon on his Facebook called: “Hijdon ke ghar, aulaad hui hai


The question, decent citizens should ask, was this necessary? A person associated publicly with Apollo Hospital’s Foundation, a name connected with Apollo Hospital, a good corporate hospital in posh locality of Hyderabad and catering to educated segment of our society and specially when, India is opening it’s doors to world relations, and welcoming respect and tolerance of all its citizens, could allow one of its employee to make such a derogatory remark towards Indian Citizens, ” is this really called for? We understand everyone is entitled to their political opinion, which in his case he sides with Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) by making a mockery of people who he does not agree with. Why is this person keen to provoke communities that have not wronged him or our great nation? He was an Assistant Editor at The Times of India group, how can such a biased person have been employed to be a part of one of the largest circulated secular news group?

The cartoon he linked on to one his Facebook post has the CM of Delhi holding a kid high up with a Pakistani flag along, Congress members are playing musical drums, and they are stomping on Indian currency, mind you, Indian rupee bills have Mahatma Gandhi’s face imprinted on them, is he suggesting that the other political parties apart from BJP are all traitors and un-patriotic? Yes, Suresh, you maybe a part of the social media campaign for BJP/RSS/ABVP, but that does not give you the right to condemn other faiths and our relations with other nations, nor can you be biased towards any genders, or sexual preference a person may have.

Just a day earlier, on Mar 5, 2016 at 8:53 PM this anti-national also posted anti-Muslim cartoon advocating violence against minority community:

We as Indians are at the brink of losing our ties with our bordering nations, Mr. Modi, India’s PM is working very hard to patch things up with Pakistan and Afghanistan, our goal is to build a natural gas pipeline from Turkmenistan to India. Now thanks to Mr. Kochattil who graduated from Osmania University, with a B.Sc in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and furthered his education with Hotel Management.

Now I don’t think you understand what’s at risk here, if you did you’d be promoting BJP’s plan of action and not making a fool of yourself and whom you do and did represent. You have absolutely no updates on our Prime Minister’s movements globally, how could you do such a cheap thing make our leaders actions look like a joke? You, Kochattil are the reason India, leaps behind each year because you cannot fathom progress.

The bigots like Kochattil, with militant Brahmanical mindset is not fit for Hyderabadi Ganga-Yamuna culture and people of Hyderabad calls for his arrest and prosecution and appeal to Apollo Group to immediately terminate his services.
In case Apollo Group does not fire this undesirable social element, it should be very well assumed that communal elements are setting at the board rooms of Hyderabad’s top industry players and one, by one, they are together destroying our national values of unity in our diversity.

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