Wednesday , August 23 2017
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Compulsion of dynastic succession in politics has ended:

Jammu: The results of the Uttar Pradesh polls, where the BJP won a three-fourths majority, indicate that the “compulsion of dynastic succession” in Indian politics has come to an end, Union minister Jitendra Singh said today.

“I think the time and the life of compulsion of dynastic succession has come to an end” Singh said replying to questions about the UP polls where an alliance of Congress led by Rahul Gandhi and Samajwadi party led by Akhilesh Yadav was drubbed by the BJP.

He said that there can be succession based on merit but not on the basis of compulsion.

“You can have succession in dynasty to an extent based on merit and aptitude, but if you are tied down by the compulsion of dynastic succession, it is bound to meet the kind of consequences that we are seeing today,” the minister said.

Asked whether the poll results were a reflection of Rahul’s ability to deliver at the electoral stage, Singh said “it is an inner party matter of Congress.”

Singh expressed confidence that the BJP would be able to form the government in Manipur as well as Goa.

“In certain quarters Manipur was being discussed as an alien state, quite away from mainstream India, but by giving such an overwhelming vote in favour of BJP it has reiterated its aspirations of being be part of national mainstream and joining the development journey led by PM Modi”, he said.

As the BJP has the largest vote share (in Manipur), the popular mandate of the people is that BJP should provide the Chief Minister there, he added.

Asked whether BJP-PDP government needed to do course correction in Jammu and Kashmir, Singh said that there are certain constraints of the coalition and the parties had come forward on the agenda of alliance, on the common minimum programme.

“The two parties are ideologically dissimilar cannot be denied. As far as BJP is concerned there would never be compromise on ideology. But since we are in a coalition, the constraint of coalition dictates that we should concentrate only on development and I am sure and hope the government will follow this dictum”, he added.