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Computer game: Donald Trump’s heart in ‘Surgeon Simulator’

Computer game: Donald Trump’s heart in ‘Surgeon Simulator’

Washington: British games designer Bossa Studios has released a new game online that allows gamers to perform heart surgery on Donald Trump and decide whether he has a heart of stone or gold.

In the game the Trump’s head is resting on a pillow wrapped in an American flag, one can caress Trump’s face, touch his famous mop, add some Trump and even rub a Trump steak in his face.

The player had an option whether to give Trump a heart of stone or heart of gold. After the heart transplant the game will be won successfully. They can also apply makeup to add even more luster to The Donald’s famous glowing skin during the procedure.

This is not the first time that game designers have been inspired by the American Presidential campaigns.

Richard Earl from Bossa Studios said that the game was launched on Thursday, and was designed to allow their fans to express their views on one of the most discussed politicians in the world.

He said. “We have had 6,000 votes so far. 2,500 gold hearts versus 3,500 stone hearts and over the past 24 hours it has remained a fairly constant 40/60 split.”

Earl said. “Since our initial launch of Surgeon Simulator in 2013, this Donald Trump update has been our most popular so far.”

“Its been exciting to start with Trump,” said Earl. He also said that they haven’t made any decision yet whether or not to include other politicians such as Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

So far 23,195 operations has bern carried out out of which only 5,460 have been successful. People have been posting comments on YouTube wondering if Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are about to become the “heroes” in a similar way.