Cong, CPM allying to stave off existential crisis: Mamata

Cong, CPM allying to stave off existential crisis: Mamata

Kolkata: Stating that Congress and CPI(M) were forging an alliance in West Bengal to stave off their “crisis of existence”, TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee today exuded confidence that her party will trounce the tie-up in the state assembly elections.

“It is a crisis of existence for both Congress and CPI(M). Had it not been such a crisis, neither CPI(M) would have sold its head off to Congress, nor Congress would have done so to CPI(M),” Banerjee said.

Asked about possible adding up of vote shares of the Congress and Left Front against her party, she said “nothing will happen. Rather if they had fought separately, then there would have been a question of ideals, but here they have given up everything. Where there is no ideology, policy, nothing can flourish.”

“Left Front has an ideology, BJP has an ideology. We don’t support BJP as it is a communal party.

“I don’t support the Left Front though everyone is not bad among them. I don’t support them because of the torture they had brought down on the people for 34 years and their negative politics that has taken the state backwards,” Banerjee said.

“I don’t understand the policy of Congress, somewhere with the Left, somewhere with BJP. They are fighting against the Left in Kerala and making an alliance with them in Bengal,” the West Bengal Chief Minister told a vernacular news channel in an interview.

“Now they are holding meetings and rallies together in Bengal, then why fight against each other in Kerala?” she said.