Monday , August 21 2017
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Cong, TDP Drubbing in Elections—Both the Parties Paying for their Neglect of T Region

Hyderabad: The sentence ‘war is one sided’ has become common not only among the politicians but also among the media and common people these days, while it has become a slogan for the ruling TRS party, which is sweeping all elections easily, in the state. The TRS leaders and cadre is chanting ‘whatever election, the war is one sided’. The result of the elections, whether Lok Sabha, Assembly or local bodies, in Telangana state, is going in favor of TRS party.
The political analysts and voters were easily predicting that the TRS party candidates will win the election these days. The results of the Warangal and Khammam Municipal Corporations and the Achampet Nagara Panchayat, which were announced today, show that the TRS is a peoples’ party and the Congress, TDP and BJP could not withstand the popularity of the TRS. The trend has become very common these days and there was discussion on ‘what is the success mantra of the TRS’. In the beginning, the political analysts and opposition party leaders compromised with the logic that the TRS was the party that achieved Telangana state and hence it was winning every election. But after sometime, some opposition leaders changed their stance and started alleging that the TRS managed the EVMs, and later some of them started a new logic that the ruling party was winning the elections by threatening the voters.
Many were confused with their own arguments and were failing to predict the voters’ thinking. The opposition parties and analysts were failing to accept the real logic i.e. that the voters are intelligence. The voters were changing their thinking process very fast than the politicians, who were changing their political parties.
The results of the successive elections that took place after the 2014 Assembly elections clearly indicate that the people are firmly supporting the TRS which has not only fought and achieved Telangana State, and also started taking many welfare schemes for different sections of the people. The results also show that the people were convinced that both the Congress and the TDP have totally failed to secure justice to Telangana and its people during the 58-years of their regime in the united Andhra Pradesh—whether it is implementation of the Agreements, in services and appointments, political appointments, utilization of river waters, spending of funds or development of the region. The leaders from Telangana region, of both the Congress and TDP, have never bothered to raise their voice to stop the injustices being perpetrated on the people of the region, while in power, and that is why both the parties were now paying the price for the same. People have realized that the leaders from Telangana (both Congress and TDP) have failed to impress upon the successive Governments on burning issues like non-availability of drinking water in remote villages and tribal thandas, the decades-old fluoride problems in Nalgonda and other districts, development of the most backward Adilabad district and the adivasis spread all over almost all the districts, medial, educational and transport facilities in rural areas, etc. The people were also aware of the attempts made by the TDP to tarnish the image of the TRS chief and Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao like the Revanth Reddy episode.
There is also a thinking among the people that voting in favour of the ruling party would ensure development of their area and the aspirations of the people would be met. It is this thinking trend among the people that made the elected representatives of opposition parties to shift their loyalty towards the ruling party, observers feel (NSS).