Tuesday , December 6 2016
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Cong, YSRC Have No Right to Flay Naidu—T-TDP


Telangana TDP leaders today asserted that it was TDP government which had provided constitutional rights to downtrodden and backward classes.
Speaking to media at NTR trust bhavan here, T-TDP official spokesperson Satish Madiga said Congress and YSRC leaders have no right to criticize Chandrababu Naidu. It was Chandrababu Naidu who made a dalit leader Balayogi as speaker of the Lok sabha and a dalit woman Pratibha Bharati as speaker of state assembly, he said.
Accusing Telangana CM KCR of forgetting the promise to make a dalit leader as chief minister of the state, Satish Madiga wondered why dalit associations failed to question KCR who deceived dalits by removing a dalit deputy chief minister from his cabinet.
Party general secretary Bollam Mallaiah and minority cell leader Yusuf were also present at the press conference.(NSS)

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