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Congress backs Shatrughan Sinha, asks NDA to reveal CM face for Bihar


New Delhi, Aug. 23 : Congress leader P.L. Punia on Sunday backed actor-politician Shatrughan Sinha’s statement that the BJP-led NDA should declare its chief ministerial candidate for Bihar in advance and said that everybody should know as to who would lead them in the upcoming state assembly polls.

” Shatrughan Sinha’s statement is right in asking under whose leadership ( BJP) we are fighting in Bihar. It is not enough to say that we are fighting under the leadership of Narendra Modi. They should tell that who is the leader in Bihar and under whose leadership they are fighting election,” Punia told ANI.

Sinha had earlier said that the people of Bihar have a right to know who was leading them in Bihar. He added it was his personal opinion that an acceptable, respectable, senior and matured leader Ram Vilas Paswan should be the chief ministerial candidate.

“I think that Mr. Ram Vilas Paswan is a very capable and a very qualified person that’s why I have spoken about him,” he told ANI here.

Sinha reiterated that he is against the crimalinalization of politics and politicization of criminals. (ANI)

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