Congress downplays Jogi floating new party

Congress downplays Jogi floating new party

New Delhi: The Congress on Monday downplayed the rebellion of former Chhattisgarh chief minister Ajit Jogi, who floated a new party quitting the grand old party, saying the latter has support of only one MLA.

Congress general secretary Digvijaya Singh told media, “I congratulate him on his decision. But I would like to tell you that leaving his wife and daughter only one Congress MLA has supported him. This proves that the rest of the congress inmates are united.”

Jogi earlier today floated a new party meanwhile, asking people to suggest a name.

Jogi last week hinted that he might float a new party saying that he had no choice but to quit the Congress to improve the state’s condition as the grand old party is presently working like ‘Team-B’ for Raman Singh-led state government.

Jogi told ANI he is under a lot of pressure to revive the state as the present state government is not letting Chhattisgarh develop.

“I have been meeting a lot of people. As of now, I have personally met at least thousand supporters and they all have mounted pressure on me saying if we want to free Chhattisgarh from the rule of Raman Singh then I have to quit Congress, which is acting as the ‘B-Team’ for Raman Singh or otherwise he might win for the fourth time too,” said Jogi. (ANI)