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Congress equally responsible for drug menace in Punjab: AAP

Congress equally responsible for drug menace in Punjab: AAP

Chandigarh: Terming the burning of ‘Chitta Ravana’ (effigy symbolising drugs) by Congress a mere “political drama”, AAP alleged the party was equally responsible for Punjab’s growing drug menace.

“The Congress which has made the drug menace its poll plank in the upcoming Punjab elections is equally responsible for the problem,” AAP’s RTI wing co-convener Dinesh Chadha alleged in press release.

He alleged the root of the menace spread during (former chief minister) Amarinder Singh’s regime from 2002 to 2007.

Backing his claims, Chadha said, “During Amarinder’s regime total cases registered under Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act were 3,545 in 2003; 3,226 in 2004; 4,464 in 2005; 4,861 in 2006; and in 2007 it increased to 6,111.”

“Even the number of arrests, under the NDPS Act, during his regime was high. It is evident from the fact that in 2003 there were 3,545 arrests; 3853 in 2004; and 5,308 in 2005,” he claimed.

“As far as recovery of narcotics goes, 39.68 kg of heroin was recovered in 2005, 53.885 kg in 2006 and 134.98 kg in 2007,” Chadha said.

“What do the statistics on cases registered, arrests and recovery during the regime indicate?” he asked.

“Amarinder is now shedding crocodile tears by burning the Chitta Ravana to divert the attention of people from his failure to curb the menace during his tenure,” he alleged.