Friday , October 14 2016
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Congress expresses concern over rising prices


Former Civil Supplies Minister D. Sridhar Babu on Saturday expressed concern over the rising prices of essential commodities in Telangana State.

Speaking to media persons at Gandhi Bhavan here, Sridhar Babu said that the State Government has failed to control the increase prices of onions. He pointed out that one kg of onion was sold for Rs. 11 during March 2014. In one year, its price increased to Rs. 17 per kg. Due to continuous neglected, onions are now being sold at Rs. 70 per kg. Similarly, the Toor dal, which was sold for Rs. 60 in March 2014, registered a 25% increase in its price in March 2014 and was sold for Rs. 80 per kg. Presently, one kg of Toor dal costs Rs. 150.

Sridhar Babu said that the government has failed to control the rise in prices of other pulses. For instance, he said the Blackgram is presently priced at Rs. 140 per kg. Its price in March 2014 was Rs. 55 while it increased to Rs. 80 in March this year.
The former minister urged the TRS Government to take effective measures to control the prices of essential commodities. He also sought stringent action against those involved in hoarding of stocks and black marketing. (INN)

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