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Congress poses questions to Modi on recovery of Rs 33 lakh from BJP leader Manish Sharma

Congress poses questions to Modi on recovery of Rs 33 lakh from BJP leader Manish Sharma

New Delhi: Hitting out once again Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his unilateral declaration of ‘Note Ban’, the main opposition party Congress said today it has been conclusively proves that the Modi government has given birth to a still-born child – Demonetization that caused a loss of almost Rs 1.28 lakh as well as loss of many lives till date.

Addressing the media, Congress spokesperson and MP Sushmita Dev said the whole demonetization exercise is a complete failure and yielded nothing as the economy of the country is badly jeopardized.

She said when on November 8, the Prime Minister announced this scheme, ‘Black Money’ was mentioned in his speech 18 times in his 25-minute speech. India was told that this entire exercise is being conducted to end.

1)   Black Money and Corruption

2)   Fake Currency

3)   Terror Funding

“But all these three wickets which Modi pitched to launch this failed scheme have come crumbling down. All these 3 wickets have fallen and Modi Ji is out on a hit-wicket!”

As corroborated by various media reports, the Revenue Secretary says that almost the entire cash in the system is likely to be deposited back into the system. However the Government has miserably failed to extract the Black Money from the system.

She recalled that the PM Modi had exhorted that, the sole purpose of his announcement was to prevent any advantage or time to the Black Money holders, but the opposite has happened. The Black Money holders have managed to get away.

BJP President Amit Shah is tom-toming the fact that political parties will not be able to use their unaccounted cash.

Congress spokesperson posed a host of questions to Modi that will he explain the recovery of Rs. 33 lakhs in new Rs. 2000 notes from BJP leader Manish Sharma?

(ii)  Will he explain how Rs 13,600 Crore was declared by Gujarat based realtor Mahesh Shah and why was he given VIP treatment and is not yet arrested by Government?

(iii) Will he explain the several land deals in the name of Amit Shah and several BJP office bearers in various states- Bihar, Odisha and Rajasthan?

(iv) Will Modi explain how did such a big fat wedding of Ex BJP Minister Janardan Reddy’s daughter took place when the withdrawal limit for wedding has been fixed at  just Rs 2.5 Lakh, post demonetization?

She said that the entire demonetization exercise has resulted in a loss of almost Rs 1.28 lakh (as per CMIE- Centre for Monitoring the Indian Economy) and millions of man hours have been wasted. Modi ji says that there is ‘no gain without pain’- But the country has suffered a lot of pain because of such a failed policy.

The Indian National Congress would like to put the record straight, that Shri Modi’s biggest economic policy has turned into nothing but a disaster for the nation.

Courtesy: MM