Congress still only viable national alternative, says Tharoor

, 8:40 PM IST

New Delhi: Reacting to the Congress’ drubbing in Assam and Kerala, party leader Shashi Tharoor on Saturday said the Congress is still the only viable national alternative.

“It is still the only viable national alternative and the fact that what makes a national alternative is not merely ruling a state, it is a credible presence throughout the country and the Congress has,” Tharoor told ANI on the sidelines of a painting exhibition organised here.

Tharoor further said, “The Congress even where it has lost states remains a principal alternative in those states, and therefore, it is still the one party which has a pan Indian presence.”

“It is present in every state and in every village from north to south to east to west to northeast, everywhere you can find the Congress party,” he added. (ANI)