Cousin of twins who fled UK to join ISIS faces jail

Cousin of twins who fled UK to join ISIS faces jail

The UK-based cousin of two teenage girls, dubbed “terror twins” for fleeing to Syria to join the Islamic State, faces prison over terror-related crimes for helping another British teenager flee to the region.

Abdullahi Ahmed Jama Farah was found guilty at the Old Bailey court here yesterday for preparing for terrorist acts by helping 19-year-old Nur Hassan achieve his aim of joining ISIS.

It also emerged in court that the 20-year-old created a “hub of communication” from his mother’s home in Manchester for his so-called “Mandem” group of like-minded extremists.

Farah, of Danish- and Somali-origin, is related to sisters Zhara and Salma Halane, who at the age of 16 left their Manchester home in June 2014 and are believed to have married ISIS fighters to become “jihadi brides”.

Judge Michael Topolski told their cousin yesterday that he would be sentenced at a later date.

He said: “You must be in no doubt there can only be one sentence from this court – at the end of this process – that is a term of imprisonment.

“You have been convicted of serious terrorist-related crimes, be in no doubt that will be the sentence of the court.”

Detective Chief Superintendent Tony Mole, head of the North West Counter Terrorism Unit, said: “Jama was very much a key part of the communication between this group of friends who had gone abroad with the intention of committing acts of terrorism.

“By regularly providing them with new contact details and updates on each other he supported their efforts to evade authorities and continue their extremist lifestyles.

“Although he may not have been there committing these acts himself, his actions helped facilitate what they were doing and I hope his conviction will send a message to all those who are even considering offering a helping hand to terrorists.