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Cow protectors thrash five people at Aligarh

Cow protectors thrash five people at Aligarh
Picture Courtesy: The Quint

Aligarh: Five people were beaten by cow vigilantes in Aligarh for illegally slaughtering a buffalo. The owner of the animal, Kalu Baghel sold it when it stopped giving milk. Imran, a cattle trader, offered to buy the buffalo on a condition of slaughtering it in his dairy farm.

Imran, with his four butchers, were slaughtering the buffalo when some cow protectors got alerted, as the blood drained outside the gates of the dairy farm, reported the quint.

The police informed that the vigilantes barged into the dairy farm’s premises and started thrashing all five of them involved in the illegal slaughtering in Panna Ganj locality.

A lot of protestors reached the spot and police had to take in charge of controlling the situation. However, all five of them were arrested along with the owner of the farm for carrying out the illegal slaughter.

No case has been yet registered against the vigilantes. Station Officer-in-charge, Gandhi Park police station informed that an investigation on this matter has been initiated.