Thursday , July 27 2017
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CPI condemns Modi Govt’s approach on JNU issue

Hyderabad: Dr. K. Narayana, Secretary, Communist Party of India, has strongly condemned the approach of the Modi Government which has led to a situation of Civil War in the Country. In a press statement, he said that in contempt of court the authorities failed to provide proper security to JNUSU President Kanhiya while appearing in court today. He was jostled, slapped and kicked by the same set of ‘lawyers’ who had attacked journalists on Monday and again today morning.

Police not filing cases against them and not arresting them shows that the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh, Delhi Police Commissioner Bassi and the goons are all hand in glove. They are resorting to violence because they do not have any points to debate or defend the false cases foisted against JNUSU leader Kanhaiya. This is all being scripted by RSS which is running the government in the guise of BJP. The BJP MLA OP Sharma who led the attacks on journalists and Kanhaiya has broken his oath of office of upholding the law . Lawyer Vikram Singh Chauhan who led the goons is a known associate of Rajanath Singh, Narayana alleged.
He said that the Supreme Court today appointed a legal team to monitor the incidents at Patlia Court after the police failed to protect journalists & Kanhaiya. When the team reported that they are getting zero information from police, the Supreme Court sent a legal team to the court as it did not trust the police anymore. After the hearing was complete, the judge asked for a medical checkup of Kanhaiya within the court and did not allow anybody to leave the court till the police gave a clear plan of security for the entire route of Kanhaiya. After the supreme court has lost trust in them, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh and Delhi Police Commissioner Bassi have no right to continue in office and should resign immediately,he added.
The CPI leader said the goons in lawyers coats are a blot to the legal profession. They have given slogans of ‘goli maar’ and ‘phasi dey’ which is an insult to the court and shows complete disrespect to the court. The bar council should remove these lawyers from rolls and the police should first file sedation cases against them for disrespecting the Supreme Court and its team.
The entire democratic forces are behind Kanhaiya putting aside ideological differences. This is a moral victory for Kanhaiya and a slap for BJP. All cases against him should be withdrawn and he should be released immediately, Dr Narayana stated.(NSS)