CPI expels Ravindra Kumar; TRS slammed for encouraging defections

, 4:24 AM IST

CPI national secretary Dr K Narayana here on Monday lashed out at the legislators in Telangana shifting loyalties to the ruling party for selfish gains.


Reacting to his party’s Deverakonda MLA Ramavat Ravindra Kumar and others opting to join the Telangana Rashtra Samithi, Dr Narayana advised the defectors not to preach sermons and keep quiet like thieves stung by scorpion. They unscrupulous leaders should not come with a theory that they were constrained to join the ruling party in the interests of their constituency as well as for transformation of the State into Bangaru Telangana.


CPI Telangana State Council secretary Chada Venkat Reddy has stated that his party MLA Ravindra Kumar’s defection to the ruling party mirrors emerging unholy political culture in the new State of Telangana, arrogance of the TRS and lust for power and pelf of Ravindra Naik. He also warned the TRS that a time would come that it would have to swallow the bitter pill for encouraging unholy political defections. He also announced expulsion of Ramawat Ravindra Kumar from the party for his lust for money and power.