Saturday , August 19 2017
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CPI seeks all-party meet to defuse Kashmir violence

The CPI central secretariat on Tuesday expressed its grave concern over the unabated violence in Kashmir valley after the death of three youth supporting separation and took up arms.


In a statement, the CPI stated the death of Burhan Wani caused unprecedented anger among the Kashmiri population. The CPI felt that the Centre immediately call for an all-party meeting to discuss and make a joint appeal for restoration of peace. “Ego should not stop from calling an all-party meeting. People never reacted so massively with anger at the death of any youth leader earlier. There is something wrong in dealing with the entire affair. It is also necessary to order a judicial inquiry into the whole incident and its background. This should instill confidence among the people”, it added.


The CPI also appealed to the people of Kashmir to shun violence and help restore peace. (NSS)