Cricketer Aamir Hussain With No Arms Is Captain Of Kashmir’s Para-Cricket Team

, 5:47 PM IST

An accident at a saw mill left an eight-year-old Amir Hussain Lone without his arms. For three years after, he struggled in a hospital as he recovered. However, from a time when people suggested to his father that he “get rid of him”, Amir has become a pride for his family.

“I felt very bad but being cricket crazy, I looked for a hole in the window and when they switched on the TV, I peeped through the hole to watch the match,” he said. With determination, Amir started practicising the game and after many tries succeeded in holding the bat and throwing the ball. “I adopted various techniques to overcome the challenge of being armless,” Amir said. While following his love for cricket, Amir started his battle to be independent.

12873556_523587654512850_873038413_o12873678_523587634512852_703289985_o12722276_523587617846187_2118940244_o12476698_523587587846190_2145136282_o He learned how to use his feet to write, to bathe, to shave and even to change clothes. “He is not dependent on anyone. He does all his work by himself,” Amir’s father, Bashir, said.