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Crime In Hyderabad (10.9.2016)

Crime In Hyderabad (10.9.2016)

Husband kills wife

(Siasat News): A man killed his wife in Saroornagar. According to Saroornagar police, 28-year-old Shahankibai, a labourer and wife of one Shankar, residing at P & T colony, yesterday died in an attack by her husband.

Police further said that she was strangulated to death. Earlier, the husband and wife had exchanged heated argument on a petty matter.

In fact, the duo was always at the loggerheads in which it is said that the husband was at the fault.

Police Saroornagar has registered a case and further investigations are on.

Husband commits suicide after wife’s death

(Siasat News): A loving husband could not bear the loss of his wife in the form of her death, also committed suicide.

This incident occurred in Gandhi Nagar police limits where Kashi Vishwanath, 24, resident of Bansilalpet took the extreme step.

Earlier, his wife had committed suicide as she had a row with her neighbours that put her under mental pressure.

After the death of his wife, Kashi was very upset and had told his close friends that he was no longer interested in his life.

Gandhi Nagar police has registered a case and further investigations are on.

Woman electrocuted to death

(Siasat News): A woman in Narsingi electrocuted to death in suspicious circumstances. Police sources said that the deceased Sunitha, 25, was the wife of one Bhushan, resident of Kokapet.

Yesrerday, she had accidentally come into contact with a live wire and had sustained burn injuries that proved fatal.

Police Narsingi has registered a case and further investigations are on.

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