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Crime In Hyderabad (2.9.2016)

Crime In Hyderabad (2.9.2016)

Issueless women ends life

(Siasat News): A woman who was dejected for not producing any child even after the two years of her marriage, committed suicide. Police sources said that Vani, 28, was the wife of one Kumar of Jinwada Shankarpalli.

They were living in Narsingi. The duo got married two years ago and living in joint family. However, the woman was not happy as she had no child whatsoever that had put her in mental pressure.

On august 29, she took the extreme step and set herself ablaze. She was immediately taken to a hospital where she died during the treatment. Police is further investigating.

Man brutally murdered in Medchal

(Siasat News): A man was brutally murdered in Medchal. It is said that 22-year-old Kalva, a labourer, was the resident of IDA Medchal.

Police suspect that the assailants might have killed on the midnight of August 30 and 31. His head was crushed with a heavy boulder.

Police is yet to ascertain the motive behind the murder. However, a case has been registered and further investigations are on.

Sister ends life over dispute between brothers

(Siasat News): A girl who was very upset for the ongoing disputes between her two brothers.

This incident occurred in S R Nagar police limits where 15-year-old Saba Begum committed suicide. According to inspector Waheeduddin Saba Begum had hanged herself yesterday.

Though she was taken to the hospital but doctors declared her dead. She was the resident of B K Guda and was fed up of the ongoing dispute between her two brothers.

A case has been registered and further investigations are underway.

Debt for daughter’s marriage led to suicide

(Siasat News): A helpless father who had no other option but to borrow money for the marriage of his daughter but circumstances were such that he could not repay the money and the mental pressure led him to commit suicide.

This incident occurred in Hayathnagar police limits. The deceased R Narsimha, 52, was a toddy seller. Last year, his daughter got married and for the same he had borrowed money from various people but he was not in a position to repay the money.

On August 28, he had consumed some unknown pesticide in attempted suicide and was taken to the hospital where doctors declared him dead last night.

A case has been registered and further investigations are in progress.

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