Crime Crime in Hyderabad

Crime In Hyderabad (25.5.2016)

Crime In Hyderabad (25.5.2016)

Murder for just Rs. 260/-

(Siasat News): On the night of May 13 there was an incident of murder took place in Shamshabad where as per the details, one Madhu, 32, private employee and resident of Shamshabad and an alcoholic had consumed liquor on the day of the crime near the bus stand and had snatched Rs.260 and a cellphone from one R Jagdish, another drunkard who hailed from Gadval, Mahboobnagar.

After snatching the money, Madhu had pushed him aside and started consuming liquor once again. Jagdish, in the meantime, pretended as if he was sleeping.

When he found Madhu out of control, je got up and smashed his head with a boulder and went to sleep. After some time, he got up once against and hit Madhu for the second time with the same boulder.

Shamshabad RGI inspector T Sudhakar had arrested jagdish and handed him over to judicial custody.

Driver’s suspicious death

(Siasat News): A driver was found dead in Bahadurpura in suspicious circumstances. The deceased Yaseen, 26, was a driver and residing at Nawab Saab Kunta.

Yesterday, he had come back from Srikakulum; he was resting in his lorry and went to sleep in the vehicle itself in the night. However, he was found dead the next morning.

Police Bahadurpura has registered a case of suspicious death and further investigations are on.

Grandson kills grand mother

(Siasat News): The pension money is considered a blessing for the aged people when they don’t have any concrete helping hand in their life but the same pension money became the cause of the death of an elderly woman.

85-year-old Pochamma was killed by her granddaughter when she refused to give him some money. This incident occurred at Kundkur in R R district. According to police sources, the deceased was living with her daughter and used to get help in the form of pension money that was sanctioned in her name after the death of her husband.

Yesterday, her grandson Ganesh demanded some money from her but it was flatly refused by the aged woman. Enraged over this, Ganesh hit his grandmother with a stick killing her on the spot.

Police is further investigating.

Man dies in train accident

(Siasat News): A man died in a train accident occurred in the jurisdiction Hitec City railway station.

According to railway police Nampally, one Sushil Kumar, 32, a private employee and resident of Borabanda was trying to cross the railway tracks near Hitec City railway station without realizing that a train fast approaching him.

By the time he realized, it was too late and the train hit him that proved fatal.

Railway police Nampally is further investigating.

Woman ends life

(Siasat News): A woman committed suicide at Bholakpur in Musheerabad.

It is said that one Khaja Banu, 34, wife of one Saleemuddin, resident of Bholakpur, was not satisfied with her married life as both husband and wife were facing acute financial crisis.

On May 22, she had attempted suicide but was immediately taken to a hospital where she died last night during the treatment.

Police Musheerabad is further investigating.

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