Crime Crime in Hyderabad

Crime In Hyderabad (26.4.2016)

Crime In Hyderabad (26.4.2016)

Financial crunch led to suicide

(Siasat News): A young girl, who hails from an economically backward family, took the extreme step of ending her life.

This incident occurred at Syed Ali Guda in Asifnagar police limits where one Jabeen Fatima, 20, hanged herself to death. Fatima’s father had died four years back and her mother has been doing odd jobs for their livelihood.

Jabeen had a brother and a sister. As the family was in financial crunch, a dejected Jabeen took the extreme step of committing suicide.

Asifnagar police has registered a case and further investigations are on.

Man fell off the building in sleep, dies

(Siasat News): A man in Gachibowli died in his sleep when he fell off from the building.

According to Gachibowli police the deceased James, 34, resident of TNGOs colony and the native of Prakasam district, was sleeping on the third floor of the building due to severe heat.

He was reportedly under the influence of alcohol. However, during the sleep he must have tossed in such a manner where he fell off the third floor and had sustained severe injuries.

He was taken to the hospital where he died during the treatment. Gachibowli police has registered a case and further investigations are in progress.

Man kills wife and daughter

(Siasat News): A man who was alcoholic and always suspicious about the fidelity of his wife turned him into a murderer who brutally killed his wife and minor daughter.

This heart-wrenching incident occurred at Ghulam Murtuza Chhaoni in the old city where the accused Mohd. Ahmed, 40, killed his wife Gousiya Bi, 36 and 13-year-old daughter Rukhsana Begum with a boulder and fled.

In the meantime, Additional Inspector Chhatrinaka Abdul Khader Jeelani said that the accused was a welder by profession. He was not going to his work regularly and used to fight with his wife.

In the meantime, he had not only developed the bad habit of boozing but also started suspecting the character of his wife. He used to demand money from his wife for boozing and when it was turned down he used to threaten his wife saying that he would kill her.

Last night when his demand for money was turned down by his wife, he attacked her with a boulder out of rage. During the scuffle, his daughter came there and Ahmed did not spare her too.

After killing both of them, he immediately escaped from the place. Police Chhatrinaka is further investigating.

Software employee ends life

(Siasat News): A software employee at Raidurgam in Cyberabad committed suicide.

According to the police, the deceased Sreesha, 20, was the wife of one Krishna Prasad of Manikonda and employed in a software company. On April 18, she had attempted suicide by hanging.

However, her attempt was not successful and she was admitted in a corporate hospital in Secunderabad where she died last night.

Raidurgam police is yet to ascertain the motive behind the suicide. A case has been registered and further investigations are underway.

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