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Crime In Hyderabad (27.8.2016)

Crime In Hyderabad (27.8.2016)
Mother of social media celebrity, Qandeel Baloch mourns alongside her body during her funeral in Shah Sadar Din village, around 130 kilometers from Multan on July 17, 2016. The brother of a controversial Pakistani social media star has been arrested for her murder, confessing he strangled Qandeel Baloch for "honour", police said. The killing of Baloch, infamous for selfies and videos that by Western standards would appear tame but were polarising in deeply conservative Muslim Pakistan, has sent a wave of shock and revulsion through the country. / AFP PHOTO / SS MIRZA

Dead body found in Hussaini Alam

(Siasat News): Police Hussaini Alam had found the dead body of a man in suspicious circumstances at Hussaini Alam in the old city that had sent shock waves in the locality.

Moreover, the rumours of the murder added insult to the injury. However, police clarified that the deceased Ravi aged 35 to 38 years died suspiciously. Inspector Hussaini Alam Mr. Shyam Sunder said that the dead body was found from Chandrikapuram in Hussaini Alam. He said that there were no injury marks on the body.

After the panchnama the photos of the deceased were uploaded on WhatsApp that enabled the police to identify the deceased within a short span of time. It was further revealed that the deceased had shifted to Hyderabad from Maharashtra in search of a job along with his brother Vithal and mother.

He was an acute drug addict. The family was living in jhopadpatti at Langar Houz. The people of the locality were not happy from their presence as Ravi used to venture out of the house in half-naked state every now and then.

People asked them to leave the place and the family shifted to Hussaini Alam. Ravi’s brother Vithal had seen the photo on WhatsApp and contacted the police.

Wife kills alcoholic husband

(Siasat News): A woman brutally murdered her alcoholic husband at Jagatgirigutta in Cyberabad. It is said that the deceased Sanjiva, 50, a labourer was killed by his wife last night.

Police said that the husband and wife Yadamma and Sanjiva were class IV employees. Yadamma was a sweeper but very upset about her husband’s boozing and fighting under the influence of alcohol.

She was fed up of this and killed him last night. Police has registered a case and further investigations are on.

New bride commits suicide

(Siasat News): Now-a-days the parents of the bride are lavishly giving the dowry articles to the groom and his family making them greedier about the worldly pleasures. This trend has caused the life of a new bride at Pragi in R R district where one Anitha, 19, committed suicide when she was pressurized for more dowry from her greedy in-laws.

Police sources said that Anitha was the wife of one Anil Kumar. They got married just four months back. 15 tolas gold, Rs. 6.5 lakh cash, motorbike and other houshold articles were given as dowry at the time of the marriage.

However, greedy husband and in-laws started harassing her to bring more dowry after a few days of the marriage. When the harassment became unbearable, Anitha took the extreme step of ending her life.

Police is further investigating.

Girl’s suspicious death in Saeedabad

(Siasat News): An 11-year-old girl in Saeedabad was found dead in suspicious circumstances. However, the police and family sources said that the girl had committed suicide.

The deceased Gangotri was the daughter of one Misoti, resident of Singareni colony and the student of class III. On the fateful day, the uncle of the deceased had found her hanging in her hut.

She was immediately brought down and shifted to the hospital where doctors declared her as dead.

Police Saeedabad has registered a case and investigating the case from all angles to ascertain the motto behind this suspicious death.

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